Racks or storage cabinets?

Racks or storage cabinets? How to make that difficult choice

Racks are free standing, normally consisting of a two or four free standing posts, often without doors or sides. Cabinets are more comprehensive, with four rails that are used for the mounting of equipment, a door a sides. It is not uncommon to be caught between these two when looking for storage options. The decision might seem hard, but these tips will help you arrive at a definitive answer.

The location

If whatever is to be stored is in a secure environment, then the better option here is the rack. However, this is rarely ever the case, seeing as most of the time in an office or warehouse setting, it is hard to keep track of whoever has access to various areas. If this sounds familiar, then cabinets should be the better option. Think also about the environmental conditions, especially remembering the equipment that should be stored. If you would like to protect whatever is under storage from dust, or the common perils of an industrial environment, then the cabinet is the way to go. Most are ventilated enough that they can offer security, aeration protection, and the best of both worlds. The emdc-362472-4s-95 cabinet is ideal for those looking for such storage options.

Thermal management

This mainly depends on the equipment or product that is to be stored, and whether temperature is an issue with regards to optimal operation or longevity.  There are some products or equipment that simply need to be kept at room temperature. However, when such factors as relative humidity and temperature come in, then storage cabinets offer conditions that are easier to control.

Size and weight

There are standards that define what is considered normal in terms of size for storage cabinets or racks. However, it is not always that one needs racks or cabinets for standard storage needs. Things change, and when bigger products are passing through the warehouse, for instance, if you have a storage cabinet with adjustable shelves, you are safe. Adjusting shelves for racks, however, might destabilize the structure and endanger passersby or risk damage to the equipment or products stored.