Top 3 tips for equipment maintenance

Top 3 tips for equipment maintenance

With budgets tight and competition high, companies are forced to contend with ageing conveyor systems. It might seem like a difficult task to keep them up and running for long, but with the following tips, the process will be much easier.


The maintenance technician is one of the most underrated professionals in any facility. One of the mistakes companies make is failing to hire a maintenance technician or having one who is underpaid. With a good technician, small problems get to be corrected before they grow into bigger ones. Think about it in terms of balance of expenditure. Would you rather spend money paying a technician or spend on repairs or replacement, which are almost always accompanied by lost sales and business opportunity?

Spare parts

One of the world’s most guaranteed eventuality is that mechanical parts are almost always going to fail. Sooner or later, you will likely have to replace the AX98 belt, and most likely at the most inconvenient of times. These breakdowns can sometimes result in long down times and serious damage on other parts of the production system. It is recommended that one have a safety stock of all the critical equipment on hand. Also, identify a quality spare parts seller who can supply new parts at a moment’s notice.


It is not enough to be ready when breakdown happens, a good manager should be in the know about the state of their equipment, such that they can perform preventative maintenance and repairs in good time. This only happens through regular audits and proper documentation. The continual inspection of the system is important to ensure it runs smoothly. Remember, it might be difficult for those that work with the equipment regularly to determine whether it is failing. This is why regularly scheduled inspections, audits and proper recordkeeping is useful.

Think also about the possibility of obsolete parts. Keeping equipment working for long means there might come a point where a spare part might have gone out of production. Knowing this will enhance the quality of the business decisions made when purchasing and stocking the spare parts.