Why your belts fail and what to do to prevent the failure

Why your belts fail and what to do to prevent the failure

Have you been wondering how to prevent these timing belt failures? Here are a few common causes.


This is perhaps the most common cause of timing belt errors. Misalignment of your 5vx570 belt can cause excessive and uneven wear, tensile failure or the tracking of belts. By checking and aligning shafts and the timing of pulleys, you can greatly increase the life of timing belts and prevent the associated down time.

Excessive load

If you have noticed that the teeth of your belts are shearing, it is likely that you have been exposing them to excessive load. Excessive loading can also lead to excessive tooth wear or tensile failure. To reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring, one has to redesign the drive.


Tooth skipping, or as it is commonly known, ratcheting, is likely the result of belt under-tensioning. This can also cause excessive or uneven wear of teeth as well as excessive drive noise. Use a tension gauge when setting the correct tension in a timing belt.


This is one of the most overlooked potential causes of failure, but it is one that can potentially cause multiple problems for the timing belt and pulley. When there is dirt on the pulley teeth, the belt is abraded and the oil then attacks the belt materials. Luckily, the solution is pretty simple; a stiff brush will easily clean off the dust and rust. After this, wipe off the grease and the oil.

Drive structure

If your problem is a drive that is vibrating excessively or timing belts that are suffering from stretch, then it is possible that you might have a weak drive structure. Solving this is simple, try reinforcing the structure.


When the pulleys are damaged or worn out, the belt life will likely be reduced significantly. Worn out or damaged teeth cause the belt to wear off. If there are gouges or nicks on the belt, then they might end up cutting the belt. Any pulleys that show signs of wear should be replaced immediately. Make sure to conduct regular inspections to discover such problems.